The Morrigan – Saving Humanity

Hey all here, this is the intro for our game that will be coming out soon..

The Morrigan
Saving Humanity

Gods and goddess looking down on the Earth and seeing it die, fighting to survive on its natural resources. Zeus is looking down and feeling sad. But, humankind is destroying it without them knowing it. Cutting trees, slim surrounding towns, Burning forest, mountains covered in lava, Mystical creatures attacking the humans and the earth crying for help. The earth does not know where to go for resources and the green man needs help. The green man is the oldest tree still standing and his resources around him are dying. Time to put the earths environment in the hands of the Lady Morrigan.

The main goal is to find out why the Earth is not healing itself. During your journey you find evidence that an evil god is the main person causing the earth to die. He wants to rule the earth himself. To get to him you will have to fight other gods that had joined forces with him.. make sure you are leveled up and have all the right spells.

Morgoth the god of chaos is the culprit that is trying to destroy the Earth and its wonders. The Earth and its Humanity has gone in the wrong direction. The gods and goddess want to change the paths its going and decided to send Goddess and gods to help mankind.