Development progress: CometCrusher 2

Hi folks,

after a long  time without news from WSG  it is time to dust the keyboard and let you know what the state is.

Long time ago Comet Crusher 2 was already announced. But because of real life issues and the ongoing development of fantomEngine, there was no time left for anything else. These holdups take now much less time these days and so i can concentrate on new games. Sadly the tool i used before (Monkey X) does not get features that i need (shaders),  so i am evaluating two different tools for the future. One is AGK2 and the other one is Gamemaker:Studio. Both have a great feature set and  the first one also lets you develop on OSX.

I am working on Comet Crusher 2 with AGK2 and to my surprise it is as fast as i need it. The  basic engine is  done already. I have  ported small parts of fantomEngine to AGK2 an  it helps again big time.

Currently i am still thinking about new features for CC2, so let me hear yours. In the next weeks i will post here about the progress. The game  will be available for Windows, OSX and Android.




Neon Command not available on Google Play anymore

Hi folks, as of today, Neon Command has been removed from Google Play. Why? From September 30th it is Google Play’s policy to show the physical street address of all developers to all customers. While in general, this is a good thing for consumer rights, it is a bad move for independent developers without a separate business and home address. No business will reveal their employes home adresses and so we don’t wanna do this too. Therefore I will not publishing Android apps. If Google change this policy, my future apps will be added back to the store.

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